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In 2011, inspired by the dedication of her young students who demonstrated commitment to music despite the odds, Marianna Hay set up the National Orchestra for All - an orchestra for young people, nominated for their passion and commitment to music despite the challenges they face at home. Through playing together in a large-scale symphony orchestra in some top notch venues the young people develop self-esteem, increase well-being and confidence which they take back to their regular lives.


Now, six years later, a flourishing orchestra is beginning to see its first alumni leave and move into adult life, and the impact of Orchestras for All is being extended through networks of Modulos, ensembles around the country which join together to form pop-up symphony orchestras.


All this has been possible due to the generosity of many people and organisations and as we look to increase the number of young people who can benefit from our work, we’d love you to join us on the journey and support us. You can be a friend, make a one-off donation or join the Baton Circle.

Orchestras for All

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Orchestras for All is registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales

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